What Makes your Glasses’ Nose Pads Leave Marks?

glasses nose pads leave marks

Are you annoyed about the nose pad marks? Do these digging marks put a kink to your makeup looks? Well, that’s obvious! Have you ever wondered why your glasses’ nose pads leave a mark? There are various reasons behind it. Eyewear must fit with your facial dimension and if it doesn’t then it might arise problems like this. These marks can put you in an awkward situation and to avoid these you can try out eyewear with adjustable nose pads.

Here in this article, we will discuss why you get these marks and what features can conform to your face. Keep reading this article to get rid of these annoying nose pad marks!

Why do you get these nose pad marks?

Your eyewear shouldn’t leave any marks anywhere on your face and if it does, then you need to adjust it. Your eyewear should fit your facial dimensions and should give a comfortable experience. Sometimes it happens that the nose pads sit high up or too low on your nose bridge. Either it makes them tight or creates pressure on your nostril and reduces air intake. Very tight nose pads often leave behind dark marks on your nose. This not only looks bad but also causes cuts in the worst cases.

There are some reasons as well that may leave marks on your nose. Let’s find out!

  • Incorrect nose bridge of your eyewear will surely leave red marks on your face. While choosing your eyewear you must ensure that the bridge of your eyewear fits comfortably on your nose. Choosing the right eyewear can keep nose pad marks at bay.
  • Avoid heavy eyeglass frames as these may leave dark marks on your nose. Do you feel dorky glasses are heavy? Well, it is not always true. Even some fashionable eyewear is heavy enough to leave a mark behind. To keep away these bothersome nose pad marks pick up a lightweight frame.
  • It is daunting to stop your eyeglass from digging into your skin. One of the reasons could be its size. Ensure your eyes are in the middle of each lens. If your eyewear is not wide enough it’s time you change them. As these might be the reason behind those dark marks on either side of your nose.

How can you stop your nose pads from digging in?

If you feel that your nose pads are troubling and interfering with your looks by leaving an indent, it’s time you change your eyewear. Well, there is another way you can fit them in. Try adjusting your nose pads for a comfortable fit. Nose pads can be adjusted with your hand for metal eyewear. Move the nose pads away or bring them closer as per your convenience. In the case of plastic frames add a little heat with your hairdryer and adjust the nose pads with your hand until they fit perfectly on your nose.

You can avoid the discomfort of having nose pad marks on your nose. By now you have understood what is the reason behind these dark marks. Too small or tight eyewear or even thin bridges can leave imprints on your nose. To get rid of these either adjust your nose pads or get a new eyeglass. Framesbuy has got a wide collection of eyewear with the latest and trendiest designs and patterns. Pick the right one that best suits your facial dimensions.

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