How to Turn Frames into Prescription Sunglasses

prescription sunglasses

“Putting on a new pair of glasses or sunglasses is a simple way to completely transform your look – just like a new hairstyle.”- Brad Goreski

Shading the eyes from the glare of the sun, creating an air of accessibility, and rebuilding your appearance are the most elemental features of sunglasses. These are the world’s most ubiquitous style accessories that have been parading the fashion industry for decades.

Well, as per the latest celebrity-trend tinted lens or pale pop of colored sunglasses are in vogue that renders a subtle look flawlessly. From premier parties and night events to beach days or heading to work, grabbing a pair of sunglasses helps you ward off the sun and concentrate on your pace.

Moreover, this exclusive eyewear isn’t a fairly new invention!

Do you know the use of ‘sun goggles’ dates back to around 2000 years ago, and people during the 12th century even used them to hide their expression? The first sunglasses were reportedly made out of driftwood, bone, walrus ivory, or caribou antler, and soot or gunpowder was used to cut down on glare.

Must be wondering if sunglasses are for beach-goers or party freaks. Do you have to stick to your dorky prescription glasses even during vacation? Hell, no! We have a better option to transform this stylish eyepiece into a utilitarian tool- get prescription sunglasses!

Yeah! We got it. We have got all the answers to your question!

Are prescription sunglasses useful?

Gear up for your outdoor events without compromising on comfort and style by opting for prescription sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses is synonymous with celebrity and the silver screen as this eyewear has experienced quite the design overhaul these days.

But does that imply regular glass-wearers, or rather ‘prescription glass’ wearers won’t be able to relish current fashion trends? Well, not! You can always switch to prescription sunglasses to experience clearer vision and improved visual comfort.

Sunglasses are an ultimate style statement that is ideal for both your day and night use, as they eliminate risks from harmful UV rays, glare, dust, and eye diseases. Simply customize them as per your prescription to make the best fit your eyes and vision needs.

What are the benefits of turning prescription glasses into sunglasses?

When summer is at the door, you wouldn’t dare to compromise on certain things- sunscreen, a hat, or maybe sunglasses! But getting just the pair of sunglasses that you have been looking for may not always be as simple as you think it would be. In that case, you can turn your favorite prescription frame into sunglasses.

Whether you turn your prescription glasses into sunglasses or opt for prescription sunglasses, the benefits are worth investing in. From golden metallic to retro oversized frames, sunglasses never go out of style and make you sunshine-ready always!

How to decide whether your prescription is eligible for prescription sunglasses?

Finally, the year-long problem is over with prescription sunglasses. The annoyance of switching between prescription glasses and sunglasses while hitting the beach is real and troublesome. No more suffering in silence. But how do you decide whether your corrective prescription is fit for prescription sunnies- here it is!

You need up-to-date prescriptions with segment height for multifocal prescriptions. And, the biggest plus is, buying prescription sunglasses online at Framesbuy is way easier. We have a dedicated page for prescription glasses that displays eligible frames at a pocket-friendly price, ensuring varieties and customizable options to make your vision and eye comfort effortless.

How to build prescription sunglasses?

Catch up with the trend by matching your sunglasses with a top-notch lens and tint. Build your prescription sunglasses by customizing them as per your prescription by following the below steps:

  • Choose your frame style: Pick one from our dedicated sunglasses page to get the best trendiest frames. You can also try out eyeglass frames to convert them into prescription sunglasses. To drill down to your needs make sure to check our glasses guide and face shape guide to make the best choice for yourself. Note: Select a frame with a lens height of at least 30mm to protect your eyes, eyelids, and the delicate surrounding skin.
  • Upload your prescription: Enter your prescription details or upload them to get your sunglasses customized. Finding it hard to interpret your prescription? We here at Framesbuy also help you understand your prescription!
  • Select lens type: There are a few different types of sunglasses lenses available in the market. Polarized, non-polarized, and transition lenses are some of them. Choose what best fits your style, need, and budget.
  • Choose your lens tint: Once you have picked your lens type, it’s time to opt for the ideal coating and tint for your sunglasses. Anti-UV to blue-blocking lenses, we offer a plethora of options. Besides a more playful appeal, we extend various tint varieties to make your sunglasses stylish and beneficial for your eyes.
  • Add address and checkout: So, after passing through all the above steps, finally you are done with your prescription sunglasses. Now add your address and checkout to get it delivered to your doorstep just on time.

Wrapping up!

Sunglasses have become an indispensable part of our wardrobe. Sunglasses are the best way to keep the sun from shining in their eyes. Making a strong statement in some exclusive reflective shades goes starring in this fashion-centric world.

But if you want to experience an anti-establishment vibe without compromising your vision, then prescription sunglasses are the best option. From beach vacations, and golfing to fishing, or a day out in the sun, prescription sunglasses are an ideal choice to hold your style without risking your vision.

Shop now at Framesbuy to enjoy effortless vision in flawless style!

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