Two Tone Glasses: An Eyewear Trend Poised To Take Over Fashion Game

Dual tone glasses trend

If you are looking for something that is funky yet remains remarkably classic? Twice up your fun and get ready for an everyday fab look with dual-tone or two-tone glasses frames.

Glasses are perhaps the best thing you can wear to make an effortless statement look. Modern eyeglasses with stylish frames not just assist you in keeping up with your general well-being but also boosts your confidence.

One of the eyewear styles inspired by retro fashion that has again made its place in the hot trends of the season is the two-tone glasses.

Reminiscent of classic 1950 nostalgia, the type of glasses have become synonyms of vintage, glam aesthetics, chunky and cool style.

Contemporary Twist To Classic Browline:

Decidedly retro, Browlines are regularly bold at the upper part of frames that hold the lenses and resemble eyebrows, while the lighter base keeps them from showing up excessively stout. The type of frame style was available only in traditional black and brown shades. Whereas two tones are the upgraded version that incorporates multiple colours into the single glass frame.

With added glamour of new and vibrant colours such as pink, green, purple, red, yellow, blue etc, the bold and expressive style will pair perfectly with your everyday look. 

Not just the striking combination of multiple hues, the two-tone also renders different styles and patterns to balance any look and boast versatility. From tortoiseshell, oval, and cat eye to aviator or wayfarers, they will always amaze you with uniqueness and a cool look.

What are Two-Tone Sunglasses?

Dual-tone, double-shade sunglasses or gradient glasses are sunnies that have tinted lenses, particularly from top to bottom. This kind of eyewear has a darker tone on one and a lighter tone on another part. Limiting the uneasy glare, the sunglasses are perfect both indoors and outdoors.

Finding The Perfect Pair:

At Framesbuy, you have an assortment of hundreds of frames to express yourself. Talking about two-tone glasses frames, there are myriad colours, Starting from the traditional soft palette of dark browns and blacks, to bright and warm colours to choose from.

To help you out pick the best pair, we have discussed two-tone eyewear trends bringing your personal style to life.

Red Two-Tone Glasses To Heat Up Your Chic Look:

Bold, sassy and stylish – red two-tone glasses feature an iconic style. The definite attention seeker, they are the popular choice for their balance with sheer style and functionality. From bright or rosy hues to dark shades, there are many shades to choose from.

To better express style and personality, go for red colours with orange hues for a warm undertone. Here hot red colour can be your best bet. However, if you have cool undertones, try cherry red or neutral red to add depth to your overall look.

Dark Brown Two-Tone Glasses For The Perfect Minimalist Look:

The traditional range of dark brown glasses is forever and will never go off-style. The great thing about dark brown dual-tone is the subtle feel of dark light colour that allows you to add a new twist to fashion glasses without calling too much attention.

So look no further, the sheen of the subtly pronounced design elements and lightweight acetate material makes them stand out at the forefront of the fashion world. And the next is the versatility that proves them the perfect accessory for any formal occasion as well as a casual event.

Green Two-Tone Glasses: Flattering Colour For More Modern Vibe:

The vibrant and refreshing colour choices of green eyeglasses make them perfect go-to accessories for work, hangouts or casual settings. Wanna make a statement? Dare to go bold by experimenting with bright shades, say lime green or mint. Also enjoy a professional look, trying out frames in matte green, olive green, and other earthy tones.

Think of olive and emerald for dark skin tones and grab something in light green shades for the pale complexion.

What more? Framesbuy incorporates a large collection of trendy eyewear. Expressed in eye-pleasing colour and design, this aesthetic frame redefines the modern eyewear trends with the right hint of glam.

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