Latest Glasses For Bald Men – Simple Guide to Looking Attractive

Glasses for bald men

Going bald is the biggest nightmare for many men, but who says you can’t afford to look attractive with a bald head? With a lot of scopes to experiment with your look, you can always stay rocking, look younger and accept the hair loss without trying to disguise it.

So be a guy who welcomes baldness with cool and calm gestures. And since you don’t want a pale dome nerd look, Try a beautiful pair to play up and define your uniqueness.

Create a style that matches your personality with the right glasses for bald men.

So how to make sure which style suits your bald head?

Know your face shape:

Since your face is at the forefront of your personality, consider choosing the frame style according to your face shape. Round, square, triangular, oval, or heart – find your unique face shape and pick the frame that compliments your face structure.

Frame style for each face shape and bald head:

For every face shape, there are certain frames that perfectly balance and accentuate your look. So once you have determined your face shape, the next step is finding your preferable style from the guide below.

Round face shape:

If anything that suits the round is choosing the opposite. To bring balance and contrast – pick frames in square or rectangle shape that help your face look slimmer and longer.

Triangular face shape:

Wider forehead and angular cheeks, the diamond-like face shape will suit both square and round shape frame style. Meanwhile, rectangle and oval frames can be amazing choices.

Oval face shape:

Giving you the freedom to experiment more, an oval-shaped face will excel in all most all frame styles.

Square face shape:

With a strong jaw and evident cheekbone, square shape face looks best in soft angled frames that sit high on the nose bridge. Pick oval shapes or round frames to emphasize your best features.

Heart face shape:

Reduce the apparent width at top of the face, with round or square frames with a highlighted lower rim. Go for round-cornered frames to soften the angular features.

Picking the right frame:

Picking the right frame for Bald Head

Matching eyeglasses frame colour with skin colour:

Same as your face shape and frames, bringing contrast between your face colour and frame colour is at most important for creating a balancing look.

Thinking about what frame colour works best for your complexion? Understanding skin tone, we bring here the guide for finding the best frame colour for different skin colours.

Frames for paler and peachy skin:

The light base colour of skin looks best with warm neutrals and saturated shades. Opt for something in brown, burgundy, black, dark amber and other earthy tones for a single coloured frame. Otherwise, a patterned frame in tortoiseshell acetate or a combination of neutral colours is an ideal option that serves well with the lighter tone.

Medium skin tone:

The skin colours look universally flattering with almost every colour frame. Tortoiseshell, brown, other neutral tone or jewel tones frames work beautifully for people with medium cast skin. For those who prefer neutral shades, black, dark grey blends well with your skin colours. However, for a bolder look, you can go for red, blue and purple shades to complement your mid coloured skin tone.

Deep skin tone:

Individuals with a deeper skin complexion can look for colours that complement well with your blue or golden undertone. Opt for mahogany, tortoise acetate or bright red, purple, black, orange or golden colours variations that look great with deeper skin tone.

If you are not sure and need to know what is the latest style for bald men? Let’s find out.

Losing hair and getting glasses can be a perfect excuse to look older or a nerd, but not anymore! Carefully choosing glasses and staying confident is the best way to look stylish and stand away from the crowd. Having said that, we bring here a variety of eyeglasses for bald men, so you can choose the best one that enhances your look.

Rectangular eyeglasses with black frames:

Bald guys can nail their look with rectangular glasses in black frames. If you have a round face, the pair helps you achieve a more angular appeal and polarizes you into a strong masculine type of guy.

Metal frame aviator in black:

A perfect example inspired by Hollywood- to look stylish in eyeglasses. The black aviator is enough to transform you from “meh to geek chic”.

Stylish Tortoiseshell glasses:

The warm colour palette and appealing texture- the two-toned tortoiseshell glasses are just a perfect pair to accentuate a high fashion look.

Aesthetic clear glasses:

Classy and sophisticated- the crystal clear transparent glasses radiate a slick gradient for a statement-making look. If you are looking for a notable trend in glasses, look no further than this pair.

Square glasses with round corners:

A pair of rounded square glasses work perfectly together with a shaved head. The rounded corner on the glasses is a perfect way of creating balance among the skeletal features.

Timeless half-rimmed glasses:

A classic throwback style, you can never go wrong with. The semi-rimmed glasses are the perfect minimalist style for those who wear glasses all day long. Choose them for a business or professional look.

Thin rimmed glasses:

Perfectly outlined with metal or plastic frames, round-rimmed glasses for men are the mainstay in the fashion world. Wanna have a more fancy look? The dual-tone frames are the perfect choice when you want to nail your no-hair look.

Final words:

It’s undeniable that frames can help you elevate your overall look with a shaved head. And now as you know “how carefully chosen glasses for bald men can help you look attractive?” we are pretty sure, you are ready to project yourself in the fashion world.

Last but not the least, stay confident with your choice of eyewear and accept yourself, to make the bold statement with a bald head.

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