Sunglasses for Small Faces: Shades to Brighten Up Your Style

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Undoubtedly, small faces are overloaded with cuteness & innocence, but they often struggle in selecting sunglasses for them. The selection of Sunglasses for small faces is a difficult choice because a lot of frames are not adjustable either over the nose or cheeks. Sometimes they just have to avoid wearing their best-loved frame just because it looks bigger on their face. These people often avoid wearing big glasses even though they love them. So for all our dear readers who are planning to buy sunglasses for small faces, we have already done the workaround for you to pick the perfect sunglasses.

Check the Size of Your Face

To get the best sunglasses for your face, you should first check out the size of your face. Having an idea about the size of your face gives you a better idea of which type of sunglasses are suitable for small faces. To make it quick and simple for you, we are dividing the measurement of your face into 5 simple parts. All you need to have is a flexible tape measure and keep in mind to measure the size in mm (Millimeter).


Start by measuring the forehead. You have to measure the widest area of your forehead.

Cheekbone Width:

You can measure the cheekbone width by putting the tape above the cheekbone hairline and marking it on the same point opposite to it.

Jawline Width:

This is equally important in finding the right sunglasses for a small face. For measuring the Jawline, you need to put the measuring tape below the ears and at the base of the jaw and mark it till the chin. This measures one side of the jawline and to know the full measurement, multiply the result by 2.

Face Length:

The length from the top of the hairline and runs toward the tip of the chin is called the face length.

Pupillary Distance:

The commonly found pupillary distance is somewhere between 54 – 80 mm. This is also called PF in short in terms of doctors’ language. For calculating pupillary distance, you need a hard ruler and have to place it on your nose bridge in front of the mirror. Then, measure the distance that falls into the right pupil of your eye.

Usually, narrow or small faces have sizes from 110 mm to 125 mm. However, the actual length of the face and its size is determined by its widest part. Pupillary distance and face length are the decisive factors for finding the correct size of the face.

Tips That Help You to Choose the Right Sunglasses For Small Faces

  • Rectangular, Oval, and Cat-eye sunglasses look good over small faces.
  • Square sunglasses can also be an option.
  • Round sunglasses are also ok but it depends on the size of the frame.
  • Rimless and semi-rimless frames also look good as far as you want to experiment with these sunglasses.
  • Though tall and oversized glasses are trending these days, It is advised to avoid tall oversized sunglasses because they may make small faces look even smaller.

Which Sunglasses Are Best For Small Faces?

Having a small face is not a problem at all. They look appealing and are loved by all. For all cute personalities out there, read on to know which sunglasses look good on small faces.


These frames are rectangular and are not that wide for small faces. Also, the lenses are short in height.


Made with polished acetate material, these glasses are elegant and cute. Pick them to win an extra point in styling.

Few things to have in mind, if you have a small face:

  1. Make sure your glasses stay on your face while you’re moving around. Shake your head and tilt it up and down to check sure the frames aren’t slipping. If your new glasses are sliding down now, this will only become worse with time, especially in summer when the weather is hot.
  2. Avoid frames that are too tight around your head. Excessively tight frames will give you a headache or leave marks near your ears making it difficult to wear them for long periods.
  3. Lenses with a high positive prescription are thicker in the middle and thinner near the edges. This means that strong positive prescription lenses may make you appear “bug-eyed.”
  4. Lenses with negative prescriptions can make your eyes appear smaller. as they are thinner in the middle and thicker at the corners, they may protrude from the frame’s side.
  5. Your eyelashes movement behind the lenses should be free. Make sure they are not rubbing against the lenses.
  6. The right pair of glasses for narrow-set eyes are more tricky to figure out. You might get a cross-eye effect if the frame is too wide.

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