How Long Does it Take to Get Used to New Glasses?

Adjusting to new glasses

Got a new prescription in hand, Selected the stylish frame, and customized it with the best optical store out there. but what? they have made your vision worse compared to what you have with an old one. Before you start worrying about it, let’s have a quick overview of how long it takes to adjust to new glasses.

Maybe your prescription has changed or you have bought a new pair of glasses, adjusting your eyes to new lenses takes some time. With the new pair, some may feel dizziness, some complaint of blurry vision while for others it may cause headache and vision issues. You may start believing that your new eyeglasses do not work as well as the older ones. But all of this is normal, the initial symptoms resolve within a few days of wearing them.

Until and unless the prescription lenses are wrong, getting used to new glasses just requires a bit of time but it doesn’t happen instantly.

Common issues experienced with the new glasses:

Whether your prescription has changed or not. Even a change in the shape of the frame and lens can strain the eye to adjust to new situations. Though one can get comfortable with the pair in just a few days of trying it on. It is important to learn about the common issues people experience during the adjustment period. Here we have compiled a list of issues, one may face with new glasses.

Eye strain:

While adjusting to a new prescription, muscles around the eye work harder and hence cause eye strain for the first few days you start wearing the new pair.


People experiencing distorted images after getting new glasses is fairly common. During the adjustment period, your eyes are training themself to a new version of lenses and within a few days of use, you will enjoy sharp vision.


Dizzy eyes are caused due to eyestrain. So as long as your eye strains itself to get used to new eyeglasses you may experience mild dizziness. If these spells do not dissipate with time, visit an eye clinic.


Another issue one may experience with a new prescription is the fish bowling effect- when the image you see through glasses appears to bend along the edges as if one sees while peering through the fishbowl.

Headache and Nausea:

Eye strain due to distorted vision and other issues related to new glasses can end up as a headache.

Meanwhile, if the new frames and lenses do not fit well or when the prescription is wrong can also cause headache and nausea.

Tips to adjust with new glasses:

Wear them regularly: The best way to help your eyes is to wear them as much as possible. Start making them part of daily life.

Stay Cautious: During the initial phase of the familiarization period, avoid straining your eyes for tough tasks like driving long distances or reading.

Don’t go back to old glasses: When new glasses feel uncomfortable, you may get tempted to wear the old glasses. Avoid the urge to wear them as this will only prolong the adjustment period.

Be calm and prepared: Distorted vision and dizziness are completely normal for some people during the initial days of wearing a new pair. This may also result in headaches and pain in the eye. To enjoy the anticipated vision for the glasses, Stay relaxed and let the lenses do the work for a few days.

Keep your glasses clean: To achieve the best results, keep your eyeglasses clean and smudges free to prevent vision distortion. Besides, store your glasses carefully in a hard eyeglasses case, in order to avoid bending your frames or scratching your lenses, which can often result in a blurred image.

Do new glasses with the same prescription require an adjustment period?

You just switched your glasses for the same prescription as before and you are feeling a bit off balance and uncomfortable. Don’t panic, many factors can contribute to the vision discomfort – whether or not your prescription has changed.

Adjustment period when a prescription is the same, but frames are changed:

Your brain and eye require a day or two to adjust to the new size, shapes and features of frames. After all the change in lens curve, pupillary distance or how the frame sits on your face is also a driving factor you may feel different in new glass with the same prescription.

But if you are not feeling comfortable with your glasses after 2 to 3 days of wearing, plan a visit to an optician who will adjust the lenses perfectly to fit in frames.

Already adjusted, still not feeling right? It may be a problem with lenses.

Adjustment period when a prescription is the same, but lens type is different:

Sometimes lens type, material, and design may also affect the way you feel with the new pair. Whether polarized, photochromic, blue light blocking lenses to avoid strain under the sun and using screen, or a switch to progressive glasses to help see at multiple distances. You may need time to adapt to the special lenses that may differ from the standard glasses – you were using before.

Some FAQ about adjusting to new glasses:

Why am I experiencing a headache with the new glasses?

Whether you are wearing glasses for the first time or your prescription has changed recently, while working harder to adapt to the vision changes, your eyes may feel tired. here the more you strain your eye, the more likely you suffer headaches.
Typically, this symptom resolves on its own within a few days. However, if you experience annoying pain after 2 to 3 days, consult the eye doctor.

Why do new glasses make me feel dizzy and have blurry vision?

Every time you get the new prescription glasses, you may witness vision issues such as dizziness, nausea, and blurry vision. However, this does not always remain the same. The blurry vision and dizziness are due to the eye and mind getting used to new eyeglasses. And luckily the longer you wear them, the more you will get comfortable with the pair.

How long does it take to adjust to the new pair of glasses?

Vision with new prescription glasses is weird! But it is pretty normal. While your eyes are used to outdated glasses, there is a good chance your new prescription will also take some time to get used to. That being said, the adjustment period for glasses can take up to 2 weeks.
Be patient to give your eyes a fair chance to get used to new glasses and enjoy sharp vision later.

How do I know if my new prescription is right?

Trouble adjusting to your new glasses is common. Most people experience blurred vision, pain, or temporary discomfort with new glasses. Although fearing whether your prescription is right or not is very common. But it is just your eyes straining to get used to the new prescription.
Mostly the lenses are correct and your eyes are taking the time to adjust with them. Experts suggest giving time, as long as two weeks to get adjusted to your new lenses. If the issue persists more than that, contact your doctor for help.

When to see an eye doctor?

Usually, issues related to new glasses go away within a few days. In case, your headache and vision issues do not resolve within a week. Visit your doctor, sometimes a small change in prescription or glass fitting will alleviate the problem.

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