Glasses for Grey Hair: Stunning Frames You Will Love

Eyeglasses for grey hair

Your hair fades colour as you age. Usually, after crossing 6 decades of your life, your hair turns grey. And most of us believe that eyewear options narrow down when hairs turn grey.

But that’s completely wrong! Grey hairs are not just the sign of a wiser and mature you but also give you the freedom to pick vibrant colours of eyewear.

Yeah! Grey colours do not clash with any bright colour. Read ahead about how you can pair grey hair with glasses of different vibrant colours.

Warm Colour Glasses Match With Grey Hair

Earthy colours like brown, orange and other warm colours look stunning with grey hair. Round shape lenses with bold colour frames sound perfect for people who experience grey hair.

Rectangular Tortoise Glasses

A rectangular-shaped thick rim frame with a tortoise print can be another option for your grey hair. These frames are of solid colours yet give a watery shade inside. And overall it gives you a fresh and classy appearance. It is timeless.

Glasses Frame in Mustard

The combination of hues of mustard and amber simply looks awesome when paired with grey hair. The duo of colours gives you youthful vibes that go exactly opposite to your hair colour and age. It is observed that generally, people with pale complexions prefer dark colours like brown, mustard honey, etc.

Big Frames With Short Hair

With short hair, the face appears long and big, so big frames are suggested. For colours, the choice is open from solid earthy colours to bright lively colours. For lens shape, the most preferable for short hairs are big square or round. The best thing about them is they go well with all types of apparel as well. So, it is a complete package.

Bright Blue

Although all the bright colours have no problem with grey hairs Blue is a trending option. Bright and sharp blue colour, grey hair, silver earrings, and an attractive outfit makes the perfect look even in grey hair. It might sound quirky and risky to take it bluntly but when it comes to pairing blue with grey, the duo makes a superb combo of colours. They appear memorable.

Bold Black

If you want to be safe and do not like any experiment with your personality, Black is always there to rescue you. This makes things simple and neutral. However, pick a glasses frame that matches right with your face shape.

Pro Tip: Generally, on a bigger face cut, small frames look good and vice versa. Also, shapes are contrasting. Say if you have a square face, then opt for a round frame. And if the rounder face then chooses the square frame.

Frames For Strong Prescription

Low prescription offers wider choices in terms of the shape of glasses and thickness while the same is not the case with high prescription glasses. Prescription influences the decision of frames to buy. To make the lenses look thinner than they are, it is suggested to buy thick fully rimmed glasses. Because if you take the thick frame, lenses won’t go out of the frame.


Grey hair is a part of life and we all come in that phase. And gone were the days when opticals have only one standard frame for all the grey hair folks. In the fashion world today, there is a wider range of colours, shapes, and sizes to choose from. All you need to do is pick the right one for you. And we hope our suggestion helps.

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