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yellow tinted blue light glasses

You must have heard a lot about blue light and its negative effects in recent times. Like ultraviolet rays, even this brightest visible light is quite dangerous. 

Blue light is everywhere and prevalently is the culprit of the rising vision problems around the world.

Well, if there is a problem, there is a solution too. The blue light glasses claim to filter out the harmful blue light emitted from digital devices. These glasses reduce digital eye strain, sleep issues and headaches. If you’ve made up your mind to add a pair to your cart, let’s peep into some interesting and lesser-known fact about the blue blockers. 

Do all blue light glasses have a yellow tint? 

The straightforward answer to this question is NO!

Probably, it is the most common dilemma of people while selecting a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Some blue light blockers have a yellow tint while some don’t, this confuses the buyers. The eagerness to know the purpose and the science behind yellow-tinted computer glasses is quite reasonable. We will debunk it. 

Benefits of blue light glasses with a yellow tint

Yellow tinted blue light glasses block over 50% of blue light. 

Tech geeks, gaming enthusiasts who spend hours and hours in front of digital screens can enjoy great clarity and comfort while gazing, wearing the yellow-tinted glasses. It filters out the harmful light rays that cause eye strain and damage. It eliminates the blue part from the light spectrum and enhances your screen viewing experience. 

Yellow tint offers optimal clarity. It also enhances contrast and depth perception. 

People with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), suffering from anxiety, depression can also embrace this colour therapy as the yellow tint is proven to improve mood and reduce stress.  

If it’s not yellow, is it useless? 

Though yellow-tinted glasses were introduced as the best option to block the blue light from entering the eyes, it is not the only option. Blue blockers without the yellow tint can also protect your eyes from electronic devices. 

There is not just one lens type that will filter out the dangerous blue light. If you are planning to buy a pair of blue blockers for yourself and are not much comfortable with yellow glasses then you surely have some alternatives. 

Blue light glasses with clear lenses

It just looks like your regular glasses! It is now possible to find clean lenses with the blue light filter. The light filtering technology infused in the lenses blocks almost 50% of blue light. These glasses may appear clear but whenever somebody looks at them, it will have a purple, green or blue reflection. Such clear blue light glasses are popularly known as computer glasses

Many glass wearers believe that clear and transparent lenses help them feel more comfortable and work better. There is almost no colour difference while viewing and offers the best visual experience. 

Orange or red tinted glasses

Blue light not just causes eye strain but prolonged exposure can also disrupt your sleep cycle and affect your overall health. Orange or red tinted blue light glasses has been scientifically proven to be the best to improve your sleep pattern. They block around 99% of the harmful light that disrupts your sleep. Red is the most recommended tint for gamers and computer users. 

Blue light filter software  

If you are not comfortable wearing any tinted glasses or computer glasses then you can try using the blue light filter for screens. There are several blue light filter software available which you can download and install on your computer, laptop or smartphone. 

Just like the glasses, the smart software blocks the blue light emitted from the digital devices and protects your eyes. Most of the software options are proven to show the best results. 


Blue light glasses or computer glasses are specially engineered to effectively filter the blue light at the highest energy wavelengths. So, definitely, there is no harm in wearing it. The blue light filter can also be attached to non-prescription glasses which you can wear dedicatedly while staring at digital screens. Make sure you buy superior quality glasses without compromising on style and comfort.

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