How to Choose Glasses for Your Child

Glasses for Your Child

Kids are cute but kids with spectacle are the cutest. Let us tell you some statistics regarding kids wearing glasses. According to a recent survey, 25.3% of children aged 2–17 years wore glasses or contact lenses, and the percentage increased with age among both boys and girls. Looking at the current usage of gadgets and screen time, this percentage is only expected to rise every year.

Selecting glasses for your moody kids is not easy. That’s why we are writing this to help you out in picking the best glasses for your kids.

What To Be Considered Before Choosing Glasses For Kids

Kids are moody and carefree. They need a pair of glasses that are rough and tough, plus comfortable for your little ones because nothing can be more precious than your munchkin’s eyes. So, there are a few things that you should take into account before choosing glasses for your kids.


Kids have nothing to do with trends and fashion. They just want something that won’t hamper their comfort while staying carefree at playgrounds or classes. Hence, glasses should be of such size that they sit comfortably on the kid’s nose, especially in the temple area. It shouldn’t be very big or very small.


Some kids are very particular about things their parents buy for them while some kids are ok with everything their parents pick. If your baby falls in the former category, you should consider the choice of your kid also. The colours, designs, and shapes of the lenses could be selected by the kids themselves as long as they are comfortable.


Kids are just like free birds, unstoppable and fearless. They just do what they want to. So, you can’t choose rimless or semi-rimless frames for them because such frames are delicate. The material of the frame also doesn’t matter. Be it plastic or metal, it just needs to be sturdy in use. The overall making of the frame should be such that it will be scratch-proof and won’t break easily when falling to the ground.

Lenses with Blue Light Filter

Prescription lenses must be a high refractive index for kids because they are lightweight and less prone to scratches and breakage. Eyes are very precious and hence lenses for kids’ eyes must have a blue filter. Nowadays, kids spend a lot of time sitting in front of gadgets, especially mobile phones. Due to increased screen time, blue filters are a must in your baby’s glasses. Also, lenses must be protected from harmful UV rays while staying outdoors for playing sports or games.

Choose Colour to match their energy

Children love colourful things and are always attracted to them. It will be great if you choose some colourful frames for kids that match their unique personality traits or why not choose the colourful glasses worn by their favourite cartoon characters. Not just regular black, white, or grey. You may also go with animal prints and other two-tone or multi-colour frames.

How to encourage kids to wear their glasses regularly?

Getting your kids to wear their glasses can be a daunting task. The first important part to encourage them is letting them choose their frames. By letting them decide what colour or style they love.

Again don’t expect your child to wear them all day long, rather set small goals and set rewards for meeting that goal. Also, talk to them about their favourite celebrities and cartoon characters – Like Harry Potter, Superman, Doremon, and Nobita who wear glasses just like them.


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