Dive into Wizarding World with Iconic Harry Potter Glasses

harry potter glasses

Thanks to J. K. Rowling for creating the character of Harry Potter that always entertains us without fail. This character is popular for many things in the wizarding world, his dress, his magic wand, and many more. One of them is Harry Potter style glasses. His glasses suit him and are trending among the youth. This is an evergreen style and usually suits every face. It was the year 1991 when this neediest character appeared on the silver screen for the first time and since then, everybody likes it. You have never observed a character without glasses. Right?

Glasses are an indispensable part of people who suffer farsightedness. They need them every time. Round glasses give good looks and comfort. Many people get confused between Harry Potter glasses and farsighted glasses because Harry Potter makes use of it while reading so it must be glasses for nearsightedness. But that is not the case, Harry Potter Style Glasses can be for both nearsightedness and farsightedness. The glasses are round metal frames and look great on every face.

Let us know more about these glasses

Do Harry Potter Glasses Look Attractive?

Be it children or adults or senior citizens, Harry Potter Style Glasses look good on every face. These metallic frames are round in shape and are very simple in appearance yet very appealing. These days a lot of children suffer from weak eyesight due to the burden of studies and hooking up to mobile phones all day long. Small kids do not accept spectacles so easy to carry them on their noses but they would love to do it when their favorite superhero or cartoon character does the same thing. So, yes it is appealing and attractive to kids, especially for whom Harry Potter is their favorite superhero Character. Besides children, adults also love this character of J. K. Rowling insanely.

What Type of Frame Style Does Harry Potter Glasses Have?

Of course, round glasses are the basic identity of these types of glasses. If you saw the Harry Potter Series, the frame that this character wears is a thin metal frame with round lenses. So it is just a metal frame with round lenses. What makes it unique is the round lenses and nothing else. You may find a variety of variants in the markets or what we can say is that people have customized it according to their choice, need, and fashion.

Apart from glass lenses, one can also add other materials like fiber. Talking about the frames, there is a wide range of options available to customize them. Not only the material of the frame is changed but also the size of the round glasses. As of now in the market, there are big-sized frames with big round lenses that cover the eyebrows and reach the cheeks. Another is a small one, in which the glasses are small and cover only the eyes. Also originally the Harry Potter Glasses have a single bridge over the nose however double bridge is so trending these days.

Colour and Texture of Harry Potter Style Glasses

Now comes colour and texture. Harry Potter Glasses may have any colour and not necessarily black always. Eyewear brands have already launched a fabulous collection of beautiful colour frames in shiny red, golden, silver, grey, blue, and purple.

Moreover, thickness has also now been customized. Harry Potter wears the thinnest frame that you can see if you observe minutely but today the picture is different.

Today, there are frames available in different thicknesses where one can add textures and colours as well. Eventually, it all depends on what is trending and suits your fashion statement.

Who other than Harry Potter in the series wears glasses?

There were a lot of them. Here we can’t forget the half-moon spectacles on the end of Dumbledore’s long, crooked nose. And Brown, narrow, and almost cat-like Glasses worn by Rita Skeeter entrusted with the fake jewel.

Percy Weasley always wears horn-rimmed spectacles. His father Arthur, too, wears spectacles.

Professor Minerva McGonagall is seen wearing Reading glasses with a square rim.
In addition, James Potter, the father of Harry, wears round glasses similar to Harry’s.

What Shape of The Face is Perfect For Wearing Harry Potter Glasses?

Harry Potter glasses are round so it is needless to say that people with round face cuts should avoid them. Whereas those having square, diamond, or triangular face shapes may enjoy this fashion zone.

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