Top 5 Tips on How to Keep your Eyeglasses Last Longer?


Eyeglasses is one of the daily accessories that’s inevitable. Since you wear your glasses on daily basis, accidental problems are likely to happen. It might develop scratches, get bent or fall from somewhere and break. Changing your pair of glasses often is not only frustrating but can turn into a costly affair too. Hence it is essential to protect your glasses. Protecting your glasses in right way will save you time and money by avoiding unintentional faults.

Here are some quick tips to prevent your eyeglasses:

Good Place to Place Your Frames

24*7 glasses are not going to embrace your eyes, you will certainly remove it for some time. Whether its home or work place, you need to dedicate a fix place to keep you glasses, when not in use. Usually we human beings, tend to forget place where glasses are kept and create chaos all around searching it. Stop wasting your time in search and decide a permanent spot to place your glasses.

Glasses are Always Sfe in Case

Many of us have a habit of religiously keeping the glasses in case but only when it’s new. For safety purpose, this habit needs to be followed everytime, especially when the glasses become old. Keeping your glasses clean and safe in case will keep it protected for longer time and ensure clear visibility. If you are bored of the normal cases, you can opt for designer cases which are readily available. It looks stylish and you can handily carry it anywhere.

Clean Your Glasses on Regular Basis

Like you take bath regularly, cleaning glasses on regular basis is also equally important to protect your frames. For clear and safe vision, cleaning is mandatory. You can simply clean the glasses with fibre cloth or rinse under running warm water. Another way of cleaning your glasses is with compressed air. However just a wipe with soft cloth on regular intervals will also work. You can also use a small drop of dishwashing liquid soap and wash it under running water to keep it clean.

Maintain Safety During Outdoor Activities

While playing any sports or while performing any water-based activities, you need to be very careful with your eyeglasses. Either the glasses can get damaged while playing sports or get lost under water. You can attach a sports strap to your eyeglasses while peforming any sports or water activities. You can also use string ropes to keep your eyeglasses safe on eyes.

Keep a Handy Eye-Repair Tool Kit

You can keep a small handy tool kit with yourself to perform small repairing activities whenever necessary like regularly tightening the screw. This will ensure your glasses stay safe longer.

The above tips will certainly help you to keep your glasses in good condition for longer time but not forever. You need to understand that no glasses will last forever. Due to regular usage, over the time, it is going to get worn out.

Follow the above tips on regular basis and keep your glasses clean and scratch-free for longer time.

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