Adjusting Eyeglasses: How to Do it Yourself

How to adjust glasses

You bought a new pair of eyeglasses for yourself and after choosing the best frame with a style that suits your lifestyle, face shape. What? It does not fit well!

Too tight, big, or crooked – you don’t need to wear them feeling uncomfortable.

Most of the fitting problems of your frame can be adjusted at home. However, there are problems related to lenses and special frame material that need expert supervision for fixing.

To safely try the adjustment at home, we have rounded up some easy fixes you can apply on your own.

Quick fixes for different issues to adjust eyeglasses at home:

Your glasses are too tight or too loose on the temple:

Do your glasses feel uncomfortable when they sit behind your ear? From arms to tips, if your eyeglasses are too tight or wide, you can increase or decrease the pressure on the side of your head by slightly bending the temples.

Making the required adjustment:
  • Run the plastic or metal part of the frame under warm water for 30 seconds or heat the frame surface with a hairdryer.
  • Gently put pressure on the frame parts.
  • To get the tighter fit around your temple, bend them upward.
  • For a looser fit bend the frames segment downward.
  • Rinse them off with cold water.

This should be noted that glasses may look strong but are vulnerable to cracks, so bend them with proper care. Use your less dominant hand to hold lenses and the dominant one to adjust the frame.

Your glasses are falling off your nose:

Your glasses are sliding down your nose and you are consistently trying to push them up. This can be annoying but not anymore. With this easy quick fix, you can adjust them on your own.

Steps to adjust metal glasses:

Metal frames have padded nose support and are easily adjusted by following these steps:

  • Grab the metal part with one hand.
  • Gently pinch the nose pad closer.
  • Try to bring both the nose pad at the symmetry.
  • Close the pads together, until they sit at the desired height on the nose.
For plastic frames, adjustment is done with care.
  • Sock the temples underwater for a few minutes.
  • Carefully bend the eyeglass frames from the temples to get the desired fit behind the ears.
  • Apply the inward pressure to raise the height where your glasses sit.
  • While outward pressure is applied on temples to lower the height.
  • Repeat the process for the other temples.

Your glasses may be pinching your nose:

Sometimes your glasses are too tight around the nose and the annoying pinching may cause a headache or hurt your nose. This is due to tight-fit nose pads which are very easy to adjust.

Steps to adjust metal frame:
  • Grab the metal part with one hand.
  • Gently bring the nose pad away from each other.
  • Try to bring both the nose pad at the symmetry.
  • Push the pads apart, until they sit comfortably on the nose.
Adjusting the plastic frame:
  • Sock the arm of the glasses in warm water.
  • Apply the inward pressure on the arms to get the right fit.
  • Apply outward pressure to the arms until they sit comfortably around the nose and ear.
  • Repeat the same process for the other arm.

Your glasses are crooked- When one lens sits higher or closer to the eye:

Vision from the eyeglasses is again uncomfortable – when your glasses are crooked. However, we have a quick fix for these problems too.

When one lens sits higher than the other:
  • Run the frame under warm water or a hairdryer for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Bend the higher temple arm down from the hinge or temple tips using slow pressure.
  • Place the glasses on a flat surface and check if both ends touch the surface.
When one lens is placed closer to another:
  • Sock the glasses under warm water for 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Adjust the glasses by bending the closest part outward and the opposite one inward.

When taking glasses to an optical store is the best choice?

If you have tried these methods to adjust the eyeglasses and didn’t get success. Seeking the help of a professional optician is the best course of action.

There are many durable frames made from titanium, memory plastic, and aluminium that are hard to adjust.

Meanwhile, rimless, semi-rimless, and plastic frames are also vulnerable to breaking when excess pressure is applied to them. If you need to fix these ill-fitting glasses, It is recommended to take them to a specialist for adjustment.

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