How to Shield your Eyes from Damaging Sunrays?


There is no bright light than sunlight, that’s a known fact. However it is also well-known that the flashing light can really be harmful to your gentle eyes. Whether you are hitting the road on a sunny day or relaxing beachside, you need to protect your eyes from the stroke of sun. It’s not only summer but all year around whenever you step out in sun make sure your eyes are safe.

Like you apply sunscreen lotion to protect your skin from the sun, or wear hat/scarf/cap to shield your hair from sun exposure, you need to add some layer of protection to safeguard your eyes. Sunrays can cause serious damage to your eyes which can be either short term or long term.

Follow the simple precautionary steps to maintain healthy eyes as well as enjoy your outdoor activity:

Wear perfect sunglasses:

Apart from being an amazing outdoor fashion accessory, sunglasses are undoubtedly an effective element to protect your eyes from the harmful rays. You must have heard of sunglasses with 100% UV protection, UV400, right? These sunglasses offer utmost comfort to your eyes. It helps to reduce the risk of eye problems like cataract, photokeratitis and also various types of eye-cancers. Make sure your sunglasses have dark lenses and are big enough to completely cover your eyes from sun rays.

Consider lens tint:

As mentioned above, we had suggested you to go for dark lenses but dark doesn’t mean super dark. Lenses blocking 80% of light is favourable. Don’t go for lenses that offers more than 90% light blockage as you will find difficulty in viewing objects. You can go for colours like amber, neutral grey, green and brown as it blocks right amount of light.

Enhance your sunglasses effect with additional lenses:

Sunglasses with additional protective lenses guarantee you with maximum comfort against sun. Sunglasses come with UV protective lenses to save your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiations. You can also go for polarised lenses which reduce the glare and help to see clearly in sun without squinting.

Drive with UV protection:

The sunlight falling on windows of car can be a real irritation to your eyes and may also result in any road mishap. Normal window is not going to safeguard your eyes particularly during bright sunny day. Windshield with UV protective layer will be a good choice. However wearing UV protection sunglasses will help you to safeguard your eyes.

Give shade to your eyes:

Along with sunglasses, you can add extra layer of protection by wearing a hat. Go for hat or cap with wide brim to shade your eyes from the harmful rays.

Sun generates many forms of energies. Ultraviolet ray is one of the harmful forms of sun’s radiations which is further divided in two parts – UV-A and UV-B. These hazardous radiations can damage your eyes and can cause major visual-impairments. Sun can be really dangerous for human beings; hence to cut-down the level of risks, you need to be extra protective by following every possible precautionary move.

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