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Half-Rim Glasses for Men & Women

Rimmed or no rim? Which eyeglasses frame should you buy? Take a midway. Go with semi-rimless glasses. Framesbuy has countless options under the half rim glasses category. From vintage black rimless glasses to trending styles, semi-rimless eyeglasses got you covered.

These frames keep up the perfect balance of style and comfort with a solid frame on the upper side and transparent fibre glasses on the lower half portion.

Semi Rimless Glasses

$98 $41
$105 $42
$96 $41
$84 $50
Mezza Luna
$175 $105
$57 $42
$97 $44

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Simple but extraordinary – Semi-rimless frames have marked a great comeback. It’s lighter than fully-rimmed and more durable than rimless glasses and gets the benefit of two. Half-rim covers the top portion of the glasses leaving the bottom exposed (rimmed) which creates a distinct look and instantly grabs attention. Whether for a sporty look or a glitzy appearance, semi-rimless glass is just perfect.

Right from titanium to metal material, acetate, semi-rimless is available in a wide range of fashionable options. Framesbuy offers semi-rimless or half frame glasses online, the classic trendsetting blend of lightweight rimless, and the durability of full-rim. To order this type of frame, just sort by semi-rimless category and pick a favourable frame, follow some simple steps and get it delivered to your doorstep. Some people or new eyeglass wearers don’t get easily adjusted to frames as it encircles their vision, a semi-rimless frame will help to view properly by enhancing their peripheral vision.