Librarian Glasses: Style to Look Sensual & Mysterious

librarian eyeglasses

There was a time when glasses were not considered a part of the attire. Contrary to that, today glasses are the fashion statement for many. Librarian glasses are a new trend in the glasses world. The market is full of a variety of librarian glasses that can wow you with their sensual and classy looks. These are stylish glasses with power lenses that can feed the inner bookworm in you.

Reading books is great but when it comes to picturizing a book geek in your mind, the picture that appears is someone with a book in hand and thick spectacles on the face. Right? Well, the scene is now changed with the incredible development in the eyewear fashion streets. Today the sexy librarians are ruling over the empire of glasses with a pair of breathtaking glasses that stuck to their eyes.

For people who are insane readers and can’t live without reading books, glasses have many styles, shapes, and sizes.

Versatile Styles of Librarian Glasses

So, what comes to your mind when you think of trendy librarian glasses? There are not one or two or three styles but as many as you want. Let us have a look.

Tortoise Shell Glasses

These are a classic and evergreen style of spectacles. Might sound like an aunt look but they are the pathfinder for retro style. Such types of glasses go perfectly seducing with animal print (Say Leopard) outfits. These types of glasses are also popular with horn-rimmed glasses that mimic the real tortoise Shell. That being said, in the 20’s era, these glasses were crafted out of real tortoise shells. However, today they are formed from a kind of durable plastic called acetate. You may select from several color varieties like mottled yellow, honey brown, and black tinged. If you are looking for something that fits your style and changes your look from the usual one, tortoiseshell glasses could be a good choice.

Cat Eye Glasses

The name ‘Cat Eye Glasses’ sounds very sexy and so the glasses are. Idealized by big-screen stars like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, these cat eyeglasses are perfect to wear the sexy librarian look. This retro-style everyday look is not only sexiest but it is comfortable to wear on your eyes also. The basic shape of the cat-eye is usually an oversized D shape but you may also find it in oval, round, and upward-sweeping browline shapes. All the shapes of cat-eye spectacles look fabulous on all the faces and are perfect for everyday looks as well as for party wear.

Thin Metal Frames

Thin metal frames with big size round glasses are also quite popular in appearance and are perfect for a librarian look. The color choices in metal frames are golden and silver. Besides that, there are many other colors available as per your choice. It looks appealing on every face and gives you a sincere look. So, if you want to give an impression of a studious or sincere personality, go with these frames.

Combination of Material

You can’t stop yourself from getting attracted to the sleek design and fashionable looks of glasses that are formed from the combination of different materials, say acetate and metal. Colors are not barred because it is made out of metal and plastic.

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