Sudden Blurred Vision? What Can be the Reason?

Suddenly everything is appearing blurred? What could be the reason?

The cause of sudden blurred vision can be from less dangerous to seriously threatening. It’s not necessary that only eye problem will be the reason for blurred vision, many health problems can also lead to vision blurring.

No matter if you are already wearing prescription glasses or contacts, you still can witness blurred vision which can turn out to be a very serious issue.

Let’s see what are the most common reasons for the sudden blurring of vision:

Reason could be Diabetes

If a person is diabetic or has reached a stage where diabetes is uncontrolled then this can cause vision blurriness.

The high level of blood sugar can damage the blood vessels in the retina, this cause the eye lens to swell and changes the shape. It results in temporary blurring of vision. This condition is called diabetic retinopathy. However, if the condition worsens, the patient can also suffer from vision loss.

Controlling blood sugar level is the best way to prevent diabetic retinopathy. Also when you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, make sure you take up regular eye checkup.

Reason Could be Stroke

Sudden blurriness in vision can also be due to stroke. The stroke affects your brain which causes a problem in vision.

Altered vision, double vision can also be caused due to stroke. The obvious warning signs of stroke are dizziness, balance loss, drooping face, unclear speech, numbness in the arm.

Visual restoration, optical, eye movement are some of the eye training that are believed to help with stroke recovery.

Reason Could be Migraine

Migraine headaches can also cause a change in vision.

It’s not just a headache but a terrible headache that can often last days or even weeks. Due to this headache, you can also witness loss of part or complete vision for a while, seeing spots or light flashes.

It is essential to understand migraine and consult a doctor for treating migraine.

Reason Could be Presbyopia

Are you above 40? Are you finding difficult to focus on things up close? Then presbyopia is the reason.

It is a refractive error due to which you witness blurred vision while reading. This is an age related vision condition which cannot be avoided. However, it can be corrected.

The best way is to consult your eye doctor and get reading glasses. Even a simple surgery can correct your presbyopia.

Reason Could be Multiple Sclerosis

Sudden blurred vision is the early sign of multiple sclerosis.

It is a vision condition called optic neuritis where the patient also witnesses color loss and pain in eyes and mostly only one eye is affected. The other symptoms of multiple sclerosis are dizziness, tired feeling, weakness, bowel problems and loss of balance.

Blurred vision due to this health condition usually goes away by itself. However, you can consult your doctor and get proper medications.

Reason Could be Either Cataract or Glaucoma

Cataract or glaucoma are age-related vision conditions and both cause blurred vision.

In cataract, the eye lens becomes blurry and blocks the light from reaching the retina while in glaucoma, due to the extra pressure in the eye, the optic nerve gets damaged and cause blurred vision.

Surgery is recommended for treating both the vision conditions. Glaucoma can also be treated with the help of medications and laser treatment.

Do You Wear Contact Lenses While Sleeping?

In the first place, why is there even a need to sleep with your contacts?

Sleeping with contacts give rise to various infection-causing microorganisms that affects the cornea causing blurred vision.

It is always wise to dispose of the lenses or store the lenses before you go to sleep.

Sudden blurred vision in most of the cases is an indication of progression of some health or vision problem that may require timely treatment. Early detection can certainly be treated and even cured.

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