Face Shape Guide

Heart Face Shape
Best Glasses for Heart Face Shape

Do you wear heart on your face? Oh wait! We mean to say is your face heart-shaped? This face is quite distinguished than other face shapes and comes across as bubbly and charming. If you are an eyeglass wearer, you need to choose the one which matches this versatile face shape. Eyeglasses are not just used for vision correction, it's moreover a fashion accessory, so pick wisely.

High cheekbones, broad forehead, tapering down towards jawline and chin are characteristics of heart shaped face. Their chin is much thinner than forehead, so go for glasses that create a balanced look. While selecting for frames, your aim should be to minimise the top part of the face. Bradley Cooper, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Longoria are some of the famous celebs flaunting heart-shaped face.

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Oval Face Shape
Best Glasses for Oval Face Shape

Every face shape is unique with their angles and lines. If you are an eyeglass wearer, the mantra to enhance your look is to pick a pair of eyewear that most strongly complements your facial features. Oval face shape is considered to be ideal as they can pull off almost any eyeglass style. Oval face offers balanced proportions which makes it the best of rest. Still you cannot just blindly pick any frame style and except it to look stunning on you. You need to be really vigilant while picking your eyeglasses.

Narrow forehead, slightly narrow chin, curving jawline and high cheek bones are the basic qualities of oval shaped face. To create a natural balance, select most suitable frames. We'll break the mystery of which eyeglass suits the best on oval face.

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Round Face Shape
Best Glasses for Round Face Shape

Bowl over with your rounded features! Choose the most flattering eyeglass and accentuate your appearance. Geometric shape eyewear will blend well with the youthful round face shape.

Fuller cheeks, wide forehead, rounded chin defines a round face. As compared to other face shapes, round is easily noticeable as this type of face is circular with equal length and width and has no angles. Add some sharpness to this face shape by opting for angular frames.

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square face shape
Best Glasses for Square Face Shape

Knowing your face shape is as important as knowing your shoe size. For perfect fitting shoes, you require accurate shoe size, similarly for perfect fitting and suitable eye-frame you need to understand your face shape. There are many face shapes, however if you have strong angles with proportional length and breadth then your face type is considered to be square. It's alluring to have square shaped face as the prominent jawline makes you look beautiful in photos. Many popular film stars, models have square face. Angelina Jolie belongs to square face shape league.

Square face is characterised with wide forehead, strong horizontal jawline and squared chin. The forehead and jaw are proportional and to complement the angular lines, opt for frames that soften the features.

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triangle face shape
Best Glasses for Triangle Face Shape

Glasses that perfectly fit your face shape can be a great fashion accessory. Know your face shape and enhance your facial appearance. Face that gradually narrows down towards chin from forehead is categorised as based-up triangular face shape.

The top of the face is too wide while the chin is small. To complement this face type, go for eyeglass that is slightly wider than your jawline. Light color and material frames are recommended. Cat-eye and browline style frames will look flattering on triangle face shape. Try to avoid eyeglasses that are wider at top or the lower portion of the rim is light as it won't create the balance required.