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An assortment of most classic designs, stylish looks and quality eyewear, Think of Framesbuy to buy prescription eyeglasses online, you love to have. We make your whole shopping experience effortless and enjoyable. Simply enter your up to date eyeglasses prescription details and get to choose from the endless frame's style.

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How can I buy the right prescription glasses online for my face shape?

Framesbuy offers a large collection of prescription glasses and sunglasses online. To make things super-simple, here’s a simple trick to help you choose a frame shape that will suit your face shape:

For faces with sharp edges like square, heart and triangle - Round, Oval, Clubmaster and Wayfarer glasses look good.

For faces like oval and round - Cat eye, Rectangle & Square shape glasses create a good contrast.

Know Your Prescription Glasses:

The Number on your eyeglasses frames, PD and segmented height measurement, Should always be considered while buying online!

The mystical number on glasses describes the right fit glasses for your face. While PD stands for pupillary distance

Still confused! Check our guide to understand your prescription.