Men's Eyeglasses

Igniting TRENDS that matter this year

Men's Eyeglasses

Don't you think the most noticeable thing you wear should be in style?

Before they look into your soul, they'll look in the face and that's when your glasses get noticed. So, don't go wrong!

So, don't go wrong!

fashionable glasses frames for men

Once a low-key accessory, in fact, a mere vision correcting medical device is now a smart fashion investment for men. Glasses today are an ideal fusion of fashion and function. Get edgy or play subtle, level up your style by choosing from the wide range of dapper options.

Break the stereotype!

Style that's unique for you and noticeable for others

Oh man! Enough of those boring specs you've worn. Be unique and get noticed. Timeless classics to contemporary street styles, think of the sort and you'll find it.

dad's eyeglasses

Riding the 70s retro style all the way to 2023

Some styles don't change with the seasons. Your dad's eyeglasses are still a trend.

Without a doubt, 'old is gold', at least as far as eyeglasses are concerned. Retro is back. The revival of 70s style glasses are ideal for men who don't wish to put much effort yet look dashing. The old school in this new era is a great attention-grabber.

bold colored eyeglasses for men

Bold colors never fail to get noticed

It's hard for men but if anyone refuses to stop wearing black, there's a great line up of bold colored frames.

Men often play safe with blacks and browns and overlook other colors. A little update with colors won't look overpowering at all ( like deep burgundy, in place of brown). Make a contemporary style statement with bold colored frames. Understand your skin tone and go for colors that make you stand out from the crowd.

Flattering color palette

Warm red shades / Pop of purple / Rich green hues / Tortoiseshell variations / Unconventional teal blue / Bright shades of orange

cool glasses frames for men

Cool glasses for the laid-back look

He's the boy next door who doesn't over-do but still manages to steal attention with his oh-so-cool glasses

The laid-back look is all about comfort and style. The super cool frames with a dash of minimalism and sometimes with a pop of color, rightly and subtly steals the glimpse. Whether you want to get glasses vanished into your face or make it noticeable, everything fits in the cool bracket.

minimalistic aviator style eyeglasses

Minimal but significant

More men are by default followers of minimalistic style. If you're too, don't chuck it, the current trend is in your favour.

Do you think you are more swayed by minimalism? Then stick to your taste. The often reserved kind of glasses fits in this category and are also gaining popularity these days. Confidence is all it takes to nail it with minimalism. Whether it is absence of colors, almost invisible frame or simply frameless, styles are versatile and best of all.

Types of key pieces

Cool matt black glasses / Rimless for a professional look / Durable fine metal glasses / Subtle Dual tone frames / Neutral colored frames / The transparent clear frames

wayfarers eyeglasses for men

Wayfarers are still the best

Then comes a set of men who don't want to rethink on their choices, Wayfarer is surely a safe bet for them.

Wayfarers - faded out fashion? No Chance! The angular design wayfarers is kind of immortal eyewear style and clearly it's men's favourite. No matter what's the outfit, the iconic wayfarers will definitely be complementing. It's rare to find a frame shape that flatters all face shapes, you can count on wayfarer.

Best wayfarer collection

Well-made glasses that are an absolute treasure

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So don't go with the flow, go with the trend!

  • 1. Eye the trends
  • 2. Rely on your choice
  • 3. Don a pair
  • 4. Be a stunner